The Beer Sommelier®; the original, full-service beer consultancy, since 2007. 

Our cellar of expertise, to your table of knowledge.

In today's explosive and expansive craft beer world, it seems as though everyone knows a "beer expert".  But when hiring someone for your startup, corporate event, staff education, or restaurant beer program, you want a company with credibility, real education, recognition, practice and awards in the craft and most importantly, decades of experience. After all, you get what you pay for.

At The Beer Sommelier®, LLC, we pride ourselves on not only being able to help with a broad array of beer-related support, but in being one of the first to provide this array of services, full-time...with  resume to match.

As a full-service consultancy, we offer those in the hospitality, service and corporate worlds, solutions for your craft beer needs; company events (none too large or small), start-up consultation (including full beer program creation), staff education, expert legal witness testimony for civil court cases, speeches and appearances, marketing, advertising and promotions and much more.

The Beer Sommelier®, LLC, doesn’t sell much, aside from our world-class service. But those things we do sell, by way of products, are unique and the best there is at what they do.


If your need is to eliminate gas and bloating from drinking beer, we offer Beer AID® – the world’s first and only digestive supplement designed specifically by and for beer drinkers. Kiss gas, bloating and gastrointestinal effects from drinking beer goodbye, when you take Beer AID®. It truly does “come to the rescue when you need it most”.

And if you simply want to know all about any beer you’re about to buy, from anywhere in the world, we bring you The Beer Expert Android app. Powered by RateBeer® and with a database of over 300,000 beers, from every corner of the globe, The Beer Expert™ will tell you everything you’ll need to know about a beer, in order to make an informed decision before your purchase. Whether at a package store, a beer bar, restaurant or even brewpub, stay informed and know what you’re about to drink.  

We’ll never claim to know everything and everyone in the beer business. But if we can’t address your needs, or questions, we surely know someone who can. And we’re not afraid to say so.


Under-promising and over-delivering is what we do.