Learning with Experts, with The Beer Sommelier®, Matt Simpson

We've been told that an online video seminar or course would be a great idea and welcome addition to our lineup of products and services. But the perfect opportunity and form never really congealed. 

But then we were approached by one of the UK's premier video classroom production companies, for people wanting to learn directly from the world's foremost experts...Learning with Experts. And that's when we knew now was the right time to present to you...


Ideally, students will learn almost every aspect of beer; from the methods of creation, to various brands, styles and with what foods these styles pair best. We will briefly study the history of certain styles (using BJCP Style Guidelines), cover brewing techniques, discuss various terminology (gravity, IBUs, A.B.V., etc.), and ultimately conduct tastings...though the entire course will be peppered with how various styles should be detected by the palate.

Want to learn more? Ready to try it for yourself?