Matt is a true subject matter expert on the topic of craft beers and the beer industry in general. He has done a number of excellent consultations with our clients - which includes the top strategy consultancies, private equity firms and investment banks in the world. He is, without a doubt, the go-to craft beer industry consultant in our vast network of experts. 

He can speak to the craft beer industry with the world's top investors and business leaders and has also given tips to help me along with my own homebrewing endeavors - showing his ability to provide a macro and in-depth micro perspective on the craft beer market. He manages his clients' expectations and always over-delivers when it comes to delivering industry insights. He's also just a nice, honest guy and a pleasant person to work with! 

Luke Heneghan
Analyst at AlphaSights

I first met Matt Simpson, The Beer Sommelier, at a beer event in 2009, and could tell immediately that he had a passion for this industry unlike most others.  In our brief conversation, Matt came off as very knowledgeable – but not in an arrogant, “know-it-all” way.  I put his business card in my wallet and knew one day I would be pulling it out again to use his services.  Over the years I have learned Matt is willing and able to go beyond the normal duties of a consultant.  He has helped me on both professional and personal projects, and has given 110% of his effort every time.  With his attention to detail, endless knowledge, and approachable attitude, he makes for an excellent instructor or guide for whatever job you throw his way.  

The most recent project Matt and I worked on, involved training 10 distributor beer reps on the intricacies of homebrewing.  Going off the foundation that had already been built from prior training, Matt was able to take each of these students and turn them into “brewmasters” over the course of two days.  He created a hands-on environment of learning that encouraged asking questions, making the subject matter both entertaining and intriguing.  By the end of the session, each student had played a part in every step of brewing – from steeping grains and boiling wort, to pitching yeast and bottling the final product.  On top of this, Matt left the group with a wealth of materials to take home, including a full step-by-step document of all the processes we had learned.  I would imagine there are only a handful of people in the country that could have pulled off an event like this with such ease and professionalism.

Whether emailing a quick question or setting up an extensive training program, I know that whenever I work with Matt Simpson I can be confident in the expertise I receive.  I would recommend Matt for all services provided, knowing that his style and experience are a combination matched by very few.  I have continued to stay in touch with Matt and always look forward to sharing stories from both sides of the beer industry.

Noah Bronstein
Distributor Beer Merchant
Tenth and Blake Beer Company

As a restaurateur and restaurant group co-owner, I understand and appreciate the necessity for expertise, education and competence in one’s field. In my field, these qualities help sell more product and lead to perpetual, repeat business. 

When asked to give a presentation to my investors, about the impact of a proper beer program on a prospective new restaurant property, Matt was able to deliver – with less than a week’s notice. In the space of about a week, he was able to prepare, fly to the meeting location and deliver an expert, convincing and thoughtful presentation, that wowed the audience. All this, along with competent fielding of follow-up questions by all attendees.

The proof of the pudding is in the tasting; we were granted the property and hope to break ground on our new beer-themed concept, in early 2016. With that, Matt’s input was so pivotal to this victory, that we’ve offered him the full consultation rights for this new property’s entire beer program. As soon as we’ve ironed out the details, we will be entrusting all beer related facets of the business, to The Beer Sommelier, LLC, including staff selection and training. 

This trust, confidence and expectation of high quality is well deserved and has been earned. You’d do well to put your faith and trust in The Beer Sommelier, as well, for any and all of your beer-related projects and needs.

Erez Sukarchi
Enso Asian Bistro and Suishi Bar, Charlotte NC
Good Time Charley’s, Myrtle Beach SC
The Beach House, Myrtle Beach SC
Moe Moons, Myrtle Beach SC
Wicked Tuna, Myrtle Beach SC
Essex Bar and Bistro, Charlotte NC

Matt took on our beer seminar in very short notice.

He certainly displayed a complete knowledge of all aspects of the beer world, and his presentation was interesting and fun. He provided us with a top notch “Beer 101,” that will enable us to launch our restaurant with confidence that we know beer.

Thank you again and “cheers”!

Martin Daniel
State Representative
Knoxville, TN
GM, Elevation Outdoor Advertising

Matt's expertise in craft beer and food knowledge is unsurpassed. As a key contributor to RateBeer for many years, he's established himself among the world's most knowledgeable and influential craft beer experts and manages to distinguish himself among these peers. 

Matt also comfortably extends himself into people matters, negotiating conflict and facilitating agreement well. He's a strong ally and one you want on your side.

Joe Tucker
Owner, RateBeer

Matt Simpson, is by far the most informative beer expert I know. He kept our readers informed with valuable pairings, beer quality and tasting notes. 

And crafted an interesting and fun look into the craft beer world. Which made it easy for beverage managers, shop owners, and chefs to complete their beverage tasks! ( thanks Matt!) 

Carl H. Bradford III
InTheMix Magazine

Matt was able to provide a tremendous amount of information in a very short period of time. Matt allowed me to see many different sides of the Craft Brew industry and provided acess and introductions to industry leaders and trend setters I would not otherwise have met. 

I would highly recommend Matt's services and expect to use them again in the future!

Kevin Ryan
CEO at Service Brewing Co.

Matt is the man. I hired Matt to consult on the inaugural Doc Holliday Beer Festival in Griffin, Georgia. Having no prior experience with putting on a beer festival, I knew that I needed to bring someone on board with substantial beer knowledge who also had experience with an event of this nature.

From our first meeting, his palpable expertise and relative experience assured me that I had found the right person to guide me through the experience. Along with consulting on and making the beer selection for the festival, Simpson creatively promoted the event, coached our volunteers through the presentation process and offered our guests tasting and food pairing recommendations. Matt is passionate about what he does and it shows.

Matt will definitely be invited back to Griffin this fall for “Doctoberfest”. Cheers!

Ben Johnson
CoFounder, Doc Holliday Beer Festival

In the many years I’ve know Matt Simpson, I’ve been fortunate enough to reap the liquid benefits of both his cellar and brewing, on numerous occasions. And behind every beer shared, was (and still is) a story!

In the days of Dogwood Brewing, Matt would often host meetings and tastings at our facility, wherein, dozens of different beers would be sampled and discussed in one evening. These meetings continue to this day, in the form of Ale Atlanta…of which, I’m a proud member.

Tasting such as these demonstrated Matt’s unique ability to not only describe the origins of the beers provided, but the flavor profiles and palates as well. I’ve found his depth of knowledge in these areas absolutely exceptional.

Having also had many beer-related discussions with Matt, I can also attest to his understanding of all aspects of the brewing process. In fact, intellectual dialogue, across the entire subject, has occasionally become lively debate. But all along, I have always considered him a fellow professional. 

And if he ever had a question regarding anything in the arena of craft brewing, he’s never been afraid to ask those of us in the trenches, just to get a valid answer, without any speculation. His passion has always been evident, almost to the point of fanaticism.

There’s no question in my mind that Matt has the expertise, understanding and vigor to impart his beer knowledge to anyone inclined to listen. Whether it be an education in beer, or simply a fun time, Matt’s your man!

Crawford Moran
5 Seasons North & Westside
Dogwood Brewing

I have known Matt for several years and have been impressed with his pervasive passion and enthusiasm for fine beer.  Matt has worked hard over the years in helping produce the beer website known as www.thebeercellar.com that endeavors to promote the world of southern beer.  He is also an active member of Atlanta’s premier beer taster’s organization – Ale Atlanta. 

Matt is extremely personable and well-versed in beer styles and beer culture.  He contributes reviews of commercial beers to www.ratebeer.com and rarely misses a gourmet beer tasting in the Atlanta area.  He is also a valued contributor to the Atlanta Beer-Talk email discussion group.

Matt Simpson is truly fervent in his love for exceptional beers.  You would be hard-pressed to find someone more deserving of your careful attention and consideration.

Owen Ogletree
Founder & Editor, www.ClassicCityBrew.com
Staff Writer, Southern Brew News
Founder & Director, Classic City Brew Fest and Atlanta Cask Ale Tasting

And, you think that "Homeruns" are limited to baseball? Matt Simpson and his expertise hits it right out of the ballpark! 

I came to him, seeking information for an upcoming project, and his information was not only spot on, but crucial to its success. Our ROI was sky high and invaluable to our great outcome. 

Whether you are a "Novice" looking to learn more about beer, a "Beer Aficionado" searching to fine tune your skill set or an "Event Planner" needing a tangibly different, fun, informative and interactive gig for your affair... 

...retaining The Beer Sommelier's services are your best bet.

Richard Peterson
Senior Manager, RecruitCom

I have never met anyone that knows more about beer, much less how to pair it with food, than Matt Simpson, The Beer Sommelier. 

I genuinely appreciate the tasting that you conducted at our recent party. Everyone was extremely impressed by your service and knowledge. 

I think that you have the coolest job in the world and I am very jealous!

Chad Massaker
Owner, Carceron IT Professionals

I am the founder of Brewpot.com, a beer information website and I consult with Matt on a regular basis on many aspects of the website to make sure the website is factually correct. He writes and edits articles for the website and helps to ensure the integrity of the rating system. 

As Brewpot grows, I hope to be able to take advantage of Matt's expertise more. He is very professional and always produces great results, in a timely fashion and is very reliable.

Jay Jackson
Owner, Brewpot.com

Matt Simpson and I worked together at 5 Seasons Brewing for approximately one year.  I was the Brewer, and he handled the office and marketing. I also knew him for four or five years previously through the Atlanta beer scene.  While working at the Five, I was also building Terrapin Beer Company into what it has become today.  There was rarely a tasting or festival at which I didn’t see him and talk about what we had planned for Terrapin Beer, or just about craft beer in general.

I’ve found his knowledge of beer and brewing to be quite competent, and have had many conversations with him about brewing techniques and methods. 

I have also attended several of the tastings he’s hosted through Ale Atlanta and RateBeer.  I am always amazed at the wide selection and variety of exclusive and rare beers his groups are able to acquire. After the thousands of different beers and vintages he’s sampled through the years, I’m certain his perception and appreciation of beer are on a much higher level than most.

All that being said, I consider Matt a great resource for everything beer.  His place in the Atlanta beer community is one that has brought insight and education to the fore front. 


Brian “Spike” Buckowski
Terrapin Beer Company

I have known Matt for many years. He has an exquisite palate and extensive knowledge of all things beer as well as beer/food pairing. 

I would recommend his services very highly.

Julie Baggett
Brewmaster at Brewbot

Matt is without question the most passionate and knowledgeable beer expert around. What is even more impressive is his ability to communicate his wealth of information in an understandable way. I would definitely recommend Matt as a "Beer Sommelier,"

Eric Goldenberg

Matt knows his stuff.... he is an expert in the beer industry and can provide an excellent level of service to your event or company.

Geoffrey Coleman

I have never thought of “entertaining” during a Thanksgiving holiday with my family.  But I enlisted a pro, Matt Simpson in “brewology, to do something simple, like a beer tasting.  In my layman thinking, I thought he could use his expertise to talk about all the interesting beers I had seen in the local specialty stores.  

Mr. Simpson, came armed and erudite with a collection of beers we’ve all seen but didn’t dare buy.  We learned just enough chemistry to be fun, yet not overwhelming.  We walked away knowing the difference between an ale and a stout.  We knew we preferred an amber verses a lambic.  Ask Matt about lambics-his knowledge of these obscure brews is endless.  Some even walked away with new nicknames, such as a Hop Head, etc.  It was the most fun any of us ever had learning.  

Matt Simpson is the consummate professional in his field, an enthusiast of all hop libation and an incredible host of barley carbonated events.

Thank you for a great event.  Can’t wait to enlist your extensive “brewology” services at our next gathering!

Suizan Osvick