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About The Beer Sommelier®


Matt Simpson has been involved with craft beer, in one regard or another, for over two decades. He taught Beer Education 101 at Emory University, is a BJCP ( Certified Judge, Siebel/Doemens Bier Sommelier Certified, an Administrator for (arguably, the largest beer website in the world, with over 350,000 members and growing), having created their trading site policy and sanctions for negligent traders, co-founder and Managing Editor of, ex-President of Ale Atlanta (once one of the largest, organized groups of craft beer aficionados in the U.S.), an award-winning homebrewer, with multiple ribbons won (including the AHA’s National Homebrew Competition), and owner of one of the largest, most robust and comprehensive beer cellars in the world.

He's even a Kansas City BBQ Society (KCBS) certified BBQ judge!

He also wrote the “Ask Beer” column for BEER magazine (with a national circulation of over 50,000), as well as "Beer Talk...From the Wings," for Hooters magazine and the seasonal beer column for In The Mix magazine, a beverage-oriented publication that reaches such hospitality industry giants as The Four Seasons and Four Points Sheraton.

Mr. Simpson has been hosting craft beer tastings since the 90’s, and is truly privileged to call some of the most accomplished brewers and beer aficionados in the world, friends.

With a broadcasting background as well, Mr. Simpson is also available to act as print or on-air “Beer Expert.” As reliable as he is personable, he is able to inform and educate, all while allowing his personal passion for beer to shine through to any audience. Whether speaking to laypeople or aficionados, Simpson educates, using language catered to his listeners, with an enlighteningly conversational style.

To see his full range of industry expertise and how he can bring it to your table if knowledge, simply download his CV, above.