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About The Beer Sommelier,
Matt Simpson:

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Matt Simpson has been involved with craft beer, in one regard or another, for almost 2 decades. He taught Beer Education 101 at Emory University, is a BJCP ( Certified Judge, an Administrator for (arguably, the largest beer website in the world, with over 90,000 members), co-founder and Managing Editor of, ex-President of Ale Atlanta (one of the largest, organized groups of craft beer aficionados in the U.S.), an award-winning homebrewer, with multiple ribbons won (including the AHA’s National Homebrew Competition), and owner of one of the largest, most robust and comprehensive beer cellars in the world.

He also writes the “Ask Beer” column for BEER magazine (with a national circulation of over 50,000), as well as the seasonal beer column for In The Mix magazine, a beverage-oriented publication that reaches such hospitality industry establishments as The Four Seasons and Four Points Sheraton.

Mr. Simpson has been hosting craft beer tastings since the 90’s, and is truly privileged to call some of the most accomplished brewers and beer aficionados in the world, friends.

With a broadcasting background as well, Mr. Simpson is also available to act as print or on-air “Beer Expert.” As reliable as he is personable, he is able to inform and educate, all while allowing his personal passion for beer to shine through to any audience. Whether speaking to laypeople or aficionados, Simpson educates, using language catered to his listeners, with an enlighteningly conversational style.

Comprehensive Beer Resume

Instructor, Emory University, “Beer Education”
Evening At Emory – Fall, 2007 to Present
  • Teach one of the only higher-education courses in the nation, dedicated solely to craft beer education.
  • Curriculum includes: beer creation, styles presentation, history, flight tasting, food and beer pairing and much more.
BJCP Certified Judge (
BJCP Judge ID – F0322 / 2007
  • Certified by the Beer Judge Certification Program, the sole governing body for American Homebrewers Association.
  • Industry-wide, considered the most comprehensive, intensive course of study for sanctioning beer-tasting judges.
“Ask Beer” Columnist – Beer Magazine
  • Field questions from readers, as the columnist for this bi-monthly, nationally circulated (over 50,000) magazine.
Beer Columnist and Expert – In the Mix Magazine
  • Write a seasonal column and act as resident beer expert for this industry publication.
  • In the Mix is a nationally distributed, hospitality magazine that reaches business such as the Four Seasons and Four Points Sheraton.

Official Craft Beer Consultant – (2008 to present)

  • Act as resident craft beer expert for this upcoming international web site, dedicated to providing a unique, comprehensive craft beer database and community gathering spot.
  • Created the base for their patented, proprietary, beer characteristic association system.
  • Create and edit articles.
The Beer Cellar (
Co-Founder/Managing Editor – 2002 to present
  • Charter co-creator of the only on-line publication dedicated to the journalistic presentation of beer in the South.
  • Execute all photography and photo-editing.
  • Perform media relations and advertising.
  • Write for all columns, including feature articles and news updates.
RateBeer (
Administrator – 2006 to Present
  • Help run the web site that is largely recognized as most accurate and most visited source for beer information in the world.
  • RateBeer is an independent world site for craft beer enthusiasts and is dedicated to serving the entire craft beer community through beer education, promotion and outreach.
Ale Atlanta
President – 2001to 2004 / Member – 1998 to Present
  • Led the largest organization of beer aficionados / brewers in the Southeast.
  • Our ranks include professional brewers, distributors, retailers and other professionals from the GA craft beer community.
  • Organization goal is to spread knowledge and awareness of world-class beer and its responsible drinking and creation.
Office/Creative Manager – 2004 to 2005
  • Acted as “Beer Consultant,” educating both staff and customers, regarding beer styles and selectivity, food pairing and brand awareness.
  • Controlled all administrative workings for an extremely busy restaurant / brewery.
  • Created ad copy and full ads for business marketing purposes.
Brewing Experience/Awards

Member – “Brewmasters of Alpharetta”
Member – “Covert Hops Society”
Member – “Final Gravity Craft Brewers”

Multiple award-winning homebrewer:

Ribbons (Brewing):
  • 2004
    Brewmaster’s Open, Blue Ribbon (First Place)

  • 2005
    Peach State Brew Off, 2 Red Ribbons (Second Place)

  • 2006
    Peach State Brew Off. Blue Ribbon (First Place) and Third Place overall,
    "Best of Show,” from 350+ entries

    Blue Ridge Brew Off – Red Ribbon (Second Place)

    RateBeer Homebrew Competition (National) – Blue Ribbon (First Place)

  • 2007
    National Homebrew Competition (1st Round) – (Third Place)

    Peach State Brew Off. Blue Ribbon (First Place) and Third Place overall,
    "Best of Show,” from almost 400 entries

    Brewmaster’s Open – Red Ribbon (Second Place)

  • 2008
    Peach State Brew Off. One Blue Ribbon (First Place), one White Ribbon (Third Place) and Fourth Place overall, "Best of Show," from 350+ entries

Beer Cellar Photos

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