Branding (Marketing, Advertising, Promotions & PR)


Maybe you’re creating your new beer program, opening a new restaurant, brewpub, brewery, or gastropub, or even contract brewing. Maybe you're just a some other kind of small business, looking to make a new name for yourself.

Awesome! You may be the “next great thing,” but the truth is, if nobody knows you exist, what’s the point of it all?

That’s where expert marketing, advertising & promotions comes into play, by a company with a background in journalism and broadcast media, combined with industry expertise in the craft beer arena.

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Nobody will create better, print-ready press releases than we do!

Press Releases

With proficiency in print and television Journalism, we at The Beer Sommelier®, know how best to make your business known. And nobody in the beer industry understands more about how to make you sound remarkable, timely and pertinent.

Press releases are but one avenue toward this end. But when crafting them, we understand how to write them as “articles,” in need of minimal editing and ready-for-print…what every editor or blogger loves!


Print ads, posters, banners, biz cards - you name it, we can create it!


Social Media

Everyone knows it – and you do too. Your business is nothing without a good, credible online presence. The Beer Sommelier® can take your social media accounts from 0-popular, in less time than you think.

From creation to maintenance, we’ll make your online existence known, with time-tested, proven methods and real results. We’ll even integrate your specials, offers, promotions and events into your regular social media lineup. 

Get the online respect you deserve.




Making a Printed Impression

How you present your company to the public is the way they’ll remember you. Whether you’re reaching out via print ads (magazines, trade publications, newspapers, tabloids, etc.), business cards or online ads, The Beer Sommelier® can make you look good.

Knowing your target demographic, we’ll put your best foot forward and create the way you’d like it – witty, fun, funny, or serious. But always timeless, intelligent and memorable.

The Rest of the Stuff

From promotional appearances and testimonials, to photography, nobody will make your products look and sound better.

The Beer Sommelier® has spent almost a decade building credibility, visibility and authority in the marketplace. Put this international brand to work for you and your products. We’ll talk with your clientele, not at them – making sure they understand your on-point message and why it benefits them to be on board your ship.

And for either print, or online, we’ll take your products and highlight them creatively, artistically and practically, with amazing photographic composition. Samples are happily available on request.


Imagine these as your products!


The Beer Sommelier® is your one-stop PR shop.