My buddy swore your product worked, so I gave it a try, and he was right! You gained yourself a customer. I hope your business grows; more people could use this for sure!
— Trevor R.

Beer AID®, From The Beer Sommelier

The ONLY targeted product for your gas, bloating and “next day” effects from drinking beer.



I used to have terrible bloating while drinking beer. It got so bad I stopped drinking it altogether for many years. Now, I simply take a couple of these capsules with a beer and enjoy the total experience without having to wear the top button of my jeans open. Thank you Beer Aid!!!
— Beer AID Reviewer

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After hearing about Beer Aid for quite some time from other beer geeks around town, I finally decided to give it a shot. Typically for me, the next day effects aren’t the best thing in the world after enjoying a few beers the evening before. I wasn’t expecting it to completely cure the common hangover (nothing can with perfect success) but I was extremely happy with the help Beer Aid provided! Popping 1 Beer Aid before each beer is simple and easy...I just throw a few in my pocket...and off I go. And the next-day results are fantastic for me! The gastro discomfort and overall “blah feeling” is greatly reduced. I wake up more refreshed and energetic than ever and have zero issue in carrying out my normal day-to-day life activities. Beer Aid has been awesome for me!!
— Aaron R.

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Human digestion is an incredibly complex, compound process, involving your entire gastrointestinal system. But one thing is sure and simple; when you've got gas, bloating and stomach upset from drinking beer, nobody is happy...least of all you and your significant other. 

That's where Beer AID® comes to the rescue. 

Beer AID® and its proprietary digestive enzyme formula, works in the small intestine to break apart malt sugars from beer, making them more digestible. Especially today's big, sweet, craft beers. 

Just take a couple of Beer AID® capsules before each beer and you, and your entire household, will be much happier for it! 

It isn’t obvious when you have an issue digesting heavy beers. I simply had a lot of intense gas after having a few beers. While Beer Aid won’t deal with other causes of gas, the ones I used to have are mostly gone. I tested it at a large beer festival where everything being served was a high alcohol stout and I didn’t come home to insane gas.
— Paul D. McGuire
Just traveled to Germany and enjoyed many beers. By taking Beer Aid, I noticed less bloating and digestive distress. Very useful product.
— Beer AID Reviewer

The bigger the beer, the greater the odds that it has plenty of the unfermented sugars that can give you lots of gas and bloating. 

Beer AID® - coming to the rescue when you need it most!

Nutraceuticals World Magazine Website - December 1, 2014

Nutraceuticals World Magazine Website - December 1, 2014